Herein lies a page in which I describe donations.

Direct - preferred

If you are in Australia or have an Australian bank account, you can make a once-off or regular donation to me by making a payment into the following bank account:
BSB: 087007
ACC: 146485725
Ref: Insert a unique reference*

*If you want a receipt, please provide an email address as a reference or email me separately about it.


If you want to support me regularly, you can either set up a recurring transfer to me (in Australia), or, if you prefer or are based internationally from an Australian perspective, use Patreon.

If you have the option, you will note that I am stung a relatively high transaction cost - close to 13% - on smaller patronages. This is less effective than if you just tossed a coin my way if I were a busker, so if you'd rathe rsave up and make a once-off donation, or buy me a drink some time, then please feel free to do that. Having a regular, even small, income from creative work massively increases the amount of time and energy I am able to put into my work, so if you want to support me, the transaction costs are gladly borne by me and calculated into my budgeting.


I appreciate any and all patronage, and will acknowledge it as best I can, given my creative and other working commitments. In an essence, you're paying me to do this - so you will appreciate me trying to prefer a greater creative output at a certain point. I welcome any messages, questions, or commentary you'd like to grace me with, but please understand it may take some time before I respond if things are busy.