Pip Foweraker


This is the website of Pip Foweraker. The goal is to improve the quality of life, play and work for humans and mostly-humans visiting. This website's design is an attempt to circumvent many of the common failure modes of myself and others when attempting enterprises of this nature. I hope to fail in new, interesting and amusing ways for any visitors to enjoy.

I have recently written about Facebook and my (very brief) interactions with it before I was algorithmically nuked. I have since made a second journey back there to rather more success; I am as yet un-nuked on my second trip, but expect I will get bot-detected fairly soon. No forecast strong enough yet to bet on it, but I will be soon enough.

You can also read about the following: bribes, bets, my current buylist, unions, my media consumption backlog, donations, a place to say goodnight. . .