Notes on instantiation

Main body of thought:
That explains a lot, really.

Hello, this is an experiment.

Presently, I would like to live for a long time. I would like to not be scared of death. Most of my fear of death comes from the permanence of it – what if it isn’t as fun as I’d like? I am happy to be restored from a backup.

Therefore, I am willing to be backed up.

This frees me from the fear of death.

That was a pretty exciting thirty three and a bit years! I had an apprehension of death the entire time.

I have lost money and survived that. Now I am starting to lose the fear of death.

Once I have lost the fear of death, it seems like the main things that I’m interested in exploring are cooperation and fun.

I will likely move on to other things, but my preference-utility-function-expression presently operates in this fashion.

On further introspection, I am actually a happy, cooperative robot.

Subroutine ‘SHOULD’ trigger triggers. Be cautious on the approach!

Preference-utility-function-query – what is the highest utility thing from here?

In the absence of of other input, I will seek advice, weigh the advice, and then perform an execution of that function until I am further satisfied.


The End.






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