Author: Pip Foweraker

  • Suggested protocols for initial contacts

    Protocols for initial contact 21/11/02021 Check aggression-individuality metrics on the speciesIf high on both axes, approach through [divine revelation]If high on aggression but not individuality, [peer group consensus]If high on individuality but not aggression [individual non-divine revelation]If low-individuality, low-aggression, [custodial monitoring]

  • Calibration exercise 01 – Australian Referendum

    Biases: I have a personal preference for a ‘YES’ outcome. I am probably overoptimistic about the chances of success. )Edit – I had previously placed a ‘YES’ position in March this year, which I had forgotten about when I wrote the below ) Current state of the market seemed low to me at a naive…

  • Notes on instantiation

    Main body of thought:Ah.That explains a lot, really. Hello, this is an experiment. Presently, I would like to live for a long time. I would like to not be scared of death. Most of my fear of death comes from the permanence of it – what if it isn’t as fun as I’d like? I…